Bachelor of Commerce
Bachelor of Commerce

I am a second year student studying bachelor of commerce at UQ. I started my exchange program in Sophia university (Tokyo, Japan) in semester 1/2013 and I have to say my life gets new and challengeable as I ever had.

I am such a beginner that I took intensive Japanese course which are 10 classes each week in my host university. The course focuses on improving our Japanese comprehensively from grammar reading, writing, and functional conversation. I did appreciate the way that the Sophia University offered to us to study Japanese, it was rather than mostly spending all the time on the class, listening to the teacher, but we were given a lot of practical chance to talk to Japanese people, for example, there was a class called “Visitor section” which invited lots of Sophia students to come over and had a conversation around some specific topics, it was very interesting and helpful to know better about Japan. However, because the courses were so intensive that I had homework every day, there were also lots of quizzes for kanji, vocabulary and grammar, therefore, the work I had to do is to some extent ,quite tough though whereas it was quite effective to improve the language to a higher level.

I lived in the dorm which is only open for girls. There were 10 exchange students from different countries, and the other girls were all Japanese who were very friendly and helpful. A female manager taked care of daily issues and helped us out whenever we need. It was actually quite different from Australia where most people were used to share rooms. Although Living in a dorm asked us for complying with some rules, however I enjoyed a lot living there, for example, we shared cooking recipes in the kitchen, we talked about of daily life in the public bathroom, we invited each other to attend some interesting events and so on. Because most of the students were from Japan, so we got to speak Japanese as much as possible, it was quite hard and uncomfortable at the initial time, but when we got used to the way Japanese people talks, it becomes easier to understand and speak .this is the crucial part I regard as the process to study Japanese.

The general idea about the life here I would like to describe as challengeable but exciting. The first month in Japan was quite hard for me, faced with a totally new environment, I have to adjust myself to it figure out how things works in Japan. The host university was so considerate, it arranged a welcome party for all the exchange students and later found some volunteers to help us about it. What’s more, Sophia hosts a lot of interesting events for us to attend, and I were so lucky to catch up with Sophia 100th anniversary. After being able to making friends with more and more international friends and attend lots of meaningful activities. I felt like I were getting to become used to the life and my life was more and more exciting.

Time flies, I already finished my study in Japan and went back to Australia, I appreciated UQ and Sophia offered me the chance to have the exchange experience. And I believe the experience will make my studying life more amazing and I cloud be more far-sighted in my future career.

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