If you are reading this testimonial then Denmark is on your “Maybe List” for exchange. So my task is not to prove to you it is your top destination, but rather affirm the facts. My double exchange to Copenhagen Business School (CBS) was not just a great educational experience but also the opportunity to immerse myself in a different culture, way of thinking and environment. Copenhagen has all the tools necessary for whatever you want. So use them!

What differentiates CBS from UQ is a greater focus on inclusive learning, that is, guest lectures from the field, excursions to company headquarters, more intensive courses and greater variety in assessment. This helps you focus on what is important in your syllabus, and fully understand your material in a way that will actually help you in your future. The campus is modern and kitted-out like one expects, canteen food is seriously the best you’ll find, and people are beyond good looking. It really does have it all.

Unless you have previously travelled to Copenhagen or Denmark in general, you will be unaware of its “Hidden Secrets”. The best people, and places are found off the beaten track most of the time. This allows you the endless task of exploring the city and constantly being impressed.

Many people argue Scandinavia is in the midst of a “Golden Age”, from fashion, music and art to business and technology. It would seem a waste to miss out on the chance to experience this firsthand. Whether this is from the Copenhagen model around cycling, to Concept Cafés which are seen throughout the city. There is so much happening on a daily basis, all which is easily accessible and affordable. The only Nordic Mythology you should be concerned with is in regards to costs, as the price of living here is no higher than Australia. Anything from food and clothing to going out to bars is normally less expensive.

Culturally, the societies are similar in terms of humour, looks and style. The major differences being, Danes are more tolerant and informal than home. Though at first encounters you will think they are rather nasty, to put it nicely. They are in fact fuzzy teddy bears inside. They are super helpful and nice when you need them…. and when you don’t. Just so long as you are genuine with them, and show an interest in their lives. Then they are yours for life, and bam your Artic Circle dream has come true.

I won’t suggest the normal things like, go to Grød (Café) or buy a bicycle. They are bleedingly obvious to anyone who reads a tourist book. Five things you should know, but people forget to tell you are:

  • Stay in College. Costly, yes! Friendships, done! Experience, improved!
  • Meet Danes. Even though you have your College buddies, you must capture a Dane. They will be your key to the city.
  • Get into it. Whatever your thing is, find it. Music (go to an event a night), Bars (try a new one a day) etc. Just don’t be that student from the US who is on Facebook all day.
  • Local Trips. Travel around Denmark and Southern Sweden. Helsingor, Møns Klint, Roskilde, Århus, Mälmo, and Lund are some examples. Just do it, as everyone goes big, but forgets what is right at the doorstep.
  • My bonus tip, is if you are staying for longer or believe in not being culturally insensitive, try to learn Danish. It isn’t all that hard.


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