For most students, the earliest you can go on exchange is your 4th semester at UQ.

You can study on exchange for 1 or 2 semesters.

Most partner universities operate on a two-semester system with semester dates typically being September to December (Semester 1) and  January to May (Semester 2).

Some institutions (e.g. the Univeristy of Edinburgh, Imperial College London) require exchange students to go for two semesters, beginning in the September semester.

Find out more details about the possibilities on our partner universities' page.

Can I study overseas in my last semester of my degree?
Yes, you can. But you need to remember that:

  • You must have a minimum of 6 units left in your degree to be able to study overseas in your last semester.
  • Studying overseas in your last semester will most likely delay your graduation, especially if you are studying overseas in the September – December semester. UQ will not receive your transcript until January (at the earliest) and will not be able to transfer your credit in time for you to graduate in December.*
  • If you fail any courses while you are overseas in your last semester, you will almost certainly have to return to UQ to finish your degree.
  • Flexibility with courses is necessary when going on exchange. If you only have core courses remaining in your degree it is not recommended that you go on exchange in your last semester.
  • You will not be eligible for an OS-Help loan. 

    * All credit transfer from your exchange must be completed before you graduate. Therefore, your faculty must have the official transcript from your host university well before the graduation ceremony. Please be aware that it can take at least two months to receive host university transcripts, so plan your graduation accordingly. Delayed graduation will most likely hinder admission/enrolment in further/postgraduate studies if you plan to commence those studies immediately after your final semster (on exchange).


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