Academic Experiences

A full time load at University of Hong Kong is 5 courses compared to being at UQ with 4. However the workload works out to be the same as the contact hours at the University of Hong Kong was less in comparison to UQ. At the University of Hong the teaching style is where I had no tutorials but really just a lecture that encompasses both the tutorial and the lecture that we have here at UQ. Initially getting courses enrolled and approved was a bit hectic, but once that was all sorted out everything was fine. Sometimes your initial course or class time may not get approved but you can talk to the course coordinator and work it out.

Personal Experiences

Hong Kong is a vibrant city rich with culture and there is always something to do. Food is always readily available no matter the time. You can have breakfast at 6am to Dim Sim at 3am. Shopping districts like Central and Mongkok don’t close till 11-12pm. However aside from all the city life, Hong Kong to my surprise has a lot of outdoor activities. From hiking the surrounding islands such as Lantau and Lamma Island to bike riding in Tai Po and cliff diving in Sai Kung are just some of the many activities. Hong Kong is also conveniently situated as a travelling hub for South East Asia. Some of countries I visited were Thailand, Philippines and South Korea.


I lived in Hall accommodation and thoroughly enjoyed it. Living in a hall allowed me to experience a bit more of the cultural and a different University lifestyle. Halls have numerous activities ongoing all the time and each floor in a hall may have different activities as well. However your sleeping cycle maybe in jeopardy where sleeping at 3-4am may become normal. 


Spending in Hong Kong is comparatively cheaper due to exchange rate, with a full meal being priced around $3-$5 AUD. However with so much to do expenses can add up really fast.

Top Tips

  • Get the student octopus card, the student discount on the mtr service is a lot cheaper
  • Travel and be prepared to travel. Hong Kong has cheap flight all over South East Asia and at the Cathy Pacific website they release flight deals every Tuesday.
  • Keep your luggage light, everything can be bought in Hong Kong and by the end of the semester you won’t know how to bring everything back
  • Be open-minded, try new things and most importantly enjoy yourself, your exchange is as enjoyable as you make it! 

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