Bachelor of Commerce
Bachelor of Commerce

Academic experiences

The required study load at CUHK is more than at UQ as a full time student. According to the requirement, I studied 5 courses which are equivalent to 8 units at UQ. So the study pressure at CUHK is harder, please have a reasonable study plan before you go to CUHK.

Importantly, the medium of instruction is bilingual. Some courses are taught by English but some courses are taught by Cantonese, for example, Creative Chinese Writing, which is one of my courses.
Also, I chosen Oral Cantonese as my elective course, absolutely it is taught by Cantonese. CUHK offers different levels of Cantonese for students who have different background. Some Cantonese courses are designed for native speakers of Mandarin Chinese, and some are designed for foreigners.

Although I am a native of Chinese, I enrolled in a Cantonese class designed for foreigners, because there was insufficient quota of Cantonese for mandarin speaker.
And all of my classmates said Cantonese is very difficult because of its grammar and tone.

Please also note that the course sign-on system at CUHK is different from my-sinet at UQ. At CUHK, the quota is not so many as UQ’s quota, and the rule in CUHK is ‘first come, first served.’

Personal experiences/What you got out of it

I am very happy that I made some friends from Hong Kong and from Mainland China.


I live on-campus. I enjoyed it because it is convenient and helps me save time and exercise Cantonese. However, it is not single-room. All of the rooms for undergraduate exchange students are twin-room or triple-room.


As far as I know, the on-campus accommodation expenses are cheaper than renting off-campus. And other living expenses are not expensive due to exchange rate.


  • Travel to Mainland China or other Asian countries.
  • Make your baggage light. You can purchase everything you need in Hong Kong.
  • Try different foods such as Chinese food, Thai food and so on.
  • Power adaptor is important.
  • Carry some cash with you.


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