Welcome Home Event

When you return to UQ, UQ Abroad hosts a returned students’ event to welcome you back to UQ.
This event will give you the opportunity to mingle with your fellow exchangers and share all of your amazing stories with people who can relate to your passion and excitement!

For students who have recently returned from an exchange in semester 1, 2017, the Welcome Home Event will be held in Room 202, Buidling 17 (Learning and Innovaton Buidling - next to Worsmith's Cafe). 

Topics covered:

- Reverse Culture Shock
- Ambassador programs at UQ
- Sharing your wisdom - Meet and Greets
- QUEST Student Club
- Short Term Global Experiences
- UQ Employability Award
- Developing your own employability
- Postgraduate programs overseas
- Prestigious Scholarships
- Research opportunities
- Careers Advice

Come share in some afternoon tea and learn about how you can make the most of the amazing expereince you have just had!

PowerPoint slides from the Welcome Home Seminar on Tuesday 25 July 2017

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