Bachelor of Business Management
Bachelor of Business Management

What is one of the must-do when you throughout university’s life? The first thing that comes to my mind would be STUDENT EXCHANGE! It’s so much different as compared to backpacking or touring. Not to mention how many friends you will make or how many countries you will visit, but also the academic experiences that are so distinct from UQ.

Academic experiences
WHU is a highly ranked private business school in Germany and emphasize on entrepreneurial field. In WHU, an academic semester (approx. 4 months) is divided into two, and a full study load requires 7-8 subjects to be taken. In other words, one has to do 4-5 subjects in two months followed by final exams. Most of the courses contain group assignments and one can easily feel the cohesion between group members and their spirits of trying to make everything perfect, thus a very competitive environment. The lecturer will keep questioning the students about business facts and debates between lecturers and students are highly encouraged. Among all the courses I did, the one that I love most would be Entrepreneurial Opportunities and Business models where students are required to build their own ‘real world’ business models in groups of six and present them in class. This course exposes the students to the real world entrepreneurial experiences and trains them to be a successful entrepreneur. In WHU, I love the way lecturers interact actively with the students and how they structure the group assignments allowing students to expose themselves to the real world. However, some challenges do exist. One of them would be ‘learning by heart’. Students are encouraged to memorize the lecture notes (every single detail) in order to score good marks instead of learning and applying what they have studied.

Personal experiences
The main reason I applied for Germany was because it’s not an English-speaking country, therefore providing me a different kind of experience. I took a German language course throughout my stay which enables me to do some simple communication with the locals. However, do not worry if you couldn’t speak any German as all the students in WHU are very good English speakers. They are more than happy to help you.

One of the cultures I love most in WHU would be the family-like culture. WHU has a very small community with approximately 1000 students and everyone lives close together. You will know each other very soon and small chats are normal when you walk along the street to class. They are extremely friendly and warm-hearted. WHU students hold parties once in a while in the vaulted cellar, this would be the best time to interact with other students that you haven’t met and have a crazy time together. Besides that, it is also extremely fun to have little parties among the exchange students and travelling around with them.

There is no on-campus accommodation for students in WHU. Yet, the school does provide services in helping the exchange students finding their own accommodation. As most of the landlords cannot communicate in English well, thus choosing the accommodations listed on the university’s website is the best option because the Housing department in WHU will act as an agent between the landlords and you. Among all the accommodations listed, there is two that has to be mentioned: Campus Krautkrämer and Höhrer Straße. Campus Krautkrämer is the cheapest and newest among all accommodations while Höhrer Straße is more expensive but with a lot of exchange students staying there, it’s literally a party house.

Top tips

  1. Get your visa done earlier and you are set to travel!
  2. Apply the accommodation as earlier as possible to get your preferable accommodation.
  3. Do the exchange during the second semester as there will be more happenings such as Euromaster, Oktoberfest and Christmas Market (don’t forget to try the Glühwein).
  4. Learn a few Aussie dishes so that you have something to present to the other exchange students and locals.
  5. Always look for budget flights: German wings and Ryanair for travelling.

Enjoy and I bet it will be one of the unforgettable moments in life!

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