Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Arts

I went on an exchange in Univeristät Freiburg for one summer semester in 2012. Before I left, I had only hoped that I could improve my German language and experience a bit of German culture. However, the experience I had in Freiburg is far beyond what I had expected.

I studied German and English in The University of Queensland. It was not a big problem finding subsidiary courses towards my major. They are indicated on the Freiburg website. Though there was a change in the courses provided when I arrived in Freiburg, which worried me somehow, they are easily figured out through contacting my faculty by email. The university offers three free German language courses for international students: speaking, writing and grammar. You have to register on the website when you arrive and three placement tests will be held for each course. Some of the courses require you to work in the Sprachlabor for certain hours before you can get full credits. Though the registration system in Uni Freiburg is a bit different from the UQ one, you can always turn to the admission office in your faculty where they offer assistance with your registering, credits, cancelation etc.

I lived in a shared apartment (WG) in Stusie (one of the largest student residence in Freiburg) with 11 other friends. Most of them are Germans and some of them speak good English. It was so nice talking with them while either cooking for dinner in the shared kitchen or having a BBQ with various kinds of German beer. A tip for your accommodation: apply as early as possible, the possibility will be bigger that you get the desired type of room; if you plan to leave before your contract ends, let Studentenwerk (where you apply for your room) know as early as possible, the chance will be bigger that your room can be sublet.

Bikes are popular in Freiburg. I would recommend a bike if you want to live more like a Freiburger does. Since it is not really a big town, riding a bike gets you everywhere. You don’t need to worry that you will miss the last tram either when you study in the library or when you watch the football match with friends in a bar in the city centre. Riding is also a good way to travel around the region. France is only hours away!

One little tip from my friend: if you are not a big fan of snowboarding, Freiburg has more to amaze you during summer time!

The semester I spent in Freiburg is one of my most unforgettable experiences and one of my most valuable memories. I would definitely recommend Universität Freiburg to anyone who is looking for a wonderful adventure in Germany.


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