Although I had an enjoyable experience in University of Queensland, I decided to embark in a new experience by applying for the exchange program in University of Hong Kong as I was intrigued by the culture and lifestyles lead in Hong Kong. My current program in University of Queensland is Bachelor of Commerce (Finance and Accounting), Third Year. As much as what I had expected, Hong Kong lives up to its reputation as a city that never sleeps. It is not surprising to spot the senior citizens, still full of energy, roaming around the streets even when its midnight. In Hong Kong, other than the buzzling streets and crowd, there’s something else that you can never avoid there- the good food that is easily available.

In University of Hong Kong, it is compulsory to take up five modules in each semester. It is still manageable if one balances between the fun and work. The lectures are held in smaller classrooms and conducted twice a week for my accounting modules. There are many accommodation choices available if you decide to stay in campus. As for me, I am staying in the student flat with 5 other exchange students, which is 5-10 minutes bus journey to university. Shuttle buses services are available at certain timings for the students.

Living expenses in Hong Kong was also reasonable as each meal in the food centre there costs around HKD 3- HKD5. The mobile phone lines expenses are also reasonable if you do not overly spend them on overseas calling. Moreover, free wifi are available in accommodation and in university too so the usage of data charges only incur when you are out travelling.

There is a lot that I had learnt from this student exchange experience. It is inevitable that you will miss the life you had in Brisbane at certain points in time during the exchange, but the friendships forged in Hong Kong, nightlife and food there will keep you going.


  • A point to note when you decide to spend your lunch at a small stall or restaurant along the streets of the city, it is a practice for the locals to leave once they finish their meals as the eating places are usually of small area and packed thus it is nearly impossible to be enjoying your conversation after your meal.
  • To be able to travel around, it is important to know that the city buses will be more tourist-friendly since the buses do indicate the bus route that they are heading towards. Whereas for their “minibuses, you will have to shout to the bus driver at that particular spot that you want to alight. It amazes me how the passengers can actually request to alight at almost anywhere he/she wants to. Because of this, it will be helpful to equip oneself with some basic Cantonese so that you will be able to let the bus driver know that you want to alight at that particular spot.
  • Save your money on Starbucks now because the Starbucks branch in University of Hong Kong offers 30% off for students.
  • Try to bargain for the prices when you are purchasing anything from the night streets as the prices of items are usually inflated
  • Always keep to right of the escalator when you are not in a rush

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