I went on exchange to the University of British Columbia in the Fall Term (our Semester 2). UBC law is known as being one of Canada’s leading law schools and offers a wide range of courses with a lot of the faculty, leaders in their field. I studied EU law, IP law, Comparative law, Commercial law and Conflicts of Law. I’d especially recommend Conflicts of Law! The classes were a lot smaller than classes at UQ and there was also more emphasis on participating in class.

Living on campus in Fairview Crescent meant that I was able to interact a lot with other exchange students and make friendships with many people from all over the world. It also has a very conveniently located coffee shop called The Beanery right in the centre and is only a short walk (10-15min max) to classes.

UBC also offers its students a wide range of services and activities that exchange students can take advantage of. There is pretty much a club for every interest and at certain times the swimming pool, ice skating rink and gym can also be free. Public transport in Vancouver is also free for UBC students, which makes going out and exploring inexpensive and accessible.

Vancouver is ideally situated, its only about 2-3hr drive to Seattle and not far from Portland. Whistler is also very close, so much so that it is possible to go up skiing just for the day but I suggest staying there at least once. UBC have their own lodge at Whistler and offer student rates but you can also rent houses with large groups of friends if intending to stay a while.

Key places to visit locally in Vancouver are Stanley Park, Grouse Mountain, Lynn Canyon Park, Capilano Suspension Bridge, the shops along 4th Avenue, Broadway and at night, Granville street and Gastown. Vancouver Island, Okanagan Valley, Bowen Island, the Rockies are all fairly close by as well and are great places to spend weekends!


  • Do as much as you possibly can, take advantage of every holiday, weekend or free day – there is so much to see and do!
  • Skiing or snowboarding – Whistler is one of the best places in the world to go skiing so take advantage of it, especially when it's so close by!
  • Go to sports games on campus – Pay for a Blue Card ($10) which allows you to go to all the home games.
  • Be prepared for lots of rain - Buy a water proof jacket, wellies and an umbrella.
  • Join the Exchange Student Club, they have pub crawls every other week and organise trips to places like Whistler and it's also a great way to meet other exchange students.

Choosing to go to UBC was the best decision of my life! Vancouver is one of the most liveable cities in the world and has so much to offer, no matter the season or weather. Canadians are some of the friendliest people I’ve ever met and the friendships I’ve made with people from all over the world will last a life time.

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