University of Washington

Cities: Seattle, Bothell, Tacoma
Approximate semester dates:

The University of Washington works in a 'Quarter' system.
Autumn Quarter: September-December
Winter Quarter: January-March
Spring Quarter: March-June

Students who apply to study at the University of Washington in UQ's Semester 1 must stay at UW for the Winter and Spring Quarters.

Please see below for 'Semester' dates:
Semester 1 (Fall): September-December
Semester 2 (Spring): January-June

Language of instruction: English
Full time load equivalent:

Quarter 1:
Undergraduate = 15 credits
Postgraduate = 10 credits

Quarters 2 and 3: 24 credits across the two quarters (students must take at least 12 of the 24 credits in quarter 2)

Fields of Study Available:

This is not an exclusive list of the disciplines available.  Disciplines listed here can provide a full-time load of study.  All other available courses can be found in the course catalogue.

Humanities & Social Sciences:

Afro-American Studies
American Indian Studies
Art History
Women & Gender Studies
Comparative Literature
Slavic Studies
History of the Americas
European Studies
International Studies
Political Science
Scandinavian Studies

Science & Health Sciences:

Aquatic & Fishery Sciences
Atmospheric Sciences
Earth & Space Sciences
Environmental Science & Resource management


All exchange students are admitted to UW through the College of Arts & Sciences regardless of their major in their home university. Courses available outside of the College of Arts & Sciences are not guaranteed. Students should plan to only take courses within the College of Arts & Sciences.

Course Catalogue


Please note that the options listed on this webpage should be used as a guide only. Additional discipline areas may be available. For current information about fields of study, course selection and language proficiency requirements, please check the host university's website.

Restricted Fields of Study:

Courses in Communications, Economics, Psychology, and Law, Societies & Justice courses in particular are extremely competitive. Students should plan to take courses outside of these areas.


The following courses are restricted for postgraduate students: Professional programs including those offered by the Information School, School of Medicine, School of Nursing, and School of Pharmacy, as well as fee-based programs are not open to visiting exchange students. This includes postgraduate entry to UW's MBA program.

Approximate living expenses:

US $5,300 per quarter
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UWashington Estimated Expenses


All students studying at UW are required to maintain adequate health coverage throughout the duration of their exchange. Information regarding the UW Student Health Insurance Plan, including costs and benefits, can be found here.

Students may be eligible to waive the UW Student Health Insurance Plan if they have sufficient coverage and meet AU's minimum requirements for coverage. For more information on how to obtain a waiver, visit the link listed above. Please note that the waiver of the UW Student Health Insurance Plan is not guaranteed and is subject to UW's approval. If your current insurance does not meet UW's minimum requirements for coverage you will be required to purchase UW's Student Health Insurance Plan.

Additional information:

UWashington Info Sheet


UWashington Pre-departure Guide


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