LAW Students wishing to study at University of British Columbia in either semester must apply to UQ Abroad by the October application deadline.

University of British Columbia (Law Faculty) only accepts applications once per year, so if you would like to study on exchange in semester 2, 2019 or semester 1, 2020 you must apply to UQ Abroad in semester 2, 2018.

University of British Columbia (U21)
City: Vancouver, Kelowna

Vanvouver Campus:

Okanagan Campus: 

Approximate semester dates: Term 1: September - December
Term 2: January - April
Language of instruction: English
Full time load equivalent:

Undergraduate: 15 credits per semester

Postgraduate: 9 credits per semester

Fields of Study Available:

This is not an exclusive list of the Disciplines available.
Disciplines listed here can provide a full-time load of study.  
All other available courses can be found in the course catalogue.

Course Catalogue - Select "Browse" on the upper left hand side of the page and then select "Courses" to navigate to the full course list available at UBC.
Then select your Campus and Session on the upper right hand side to see an appropriate list of courses.

Psychology Courses and Syllabi Available Here

Courses at UBC are numbered as follows according to levels:

  • 100: First-year
  • 200: Second-year
  • 300: Third-year
  • Avoid 500+: Graduate-level courses

 Humanities & Social Sciences:

Creative Writing
International Relations
English Literature
Political Science
Religious Studies

Sciences & Health Sciences:

Agricultural Sciences
Computer Science
Physics & Astronomy

Business & Law:

 Law (limited)


Architecture (Postgraduate Only)
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Chemical Engineering 
Civil Engineering

Mechanical Engineering 



Please note that the options listed on this webpage should be used as a guide only. Additional discipline areas may be available. For current information about fields of study, course selection and language proficiency requirements, please check the host university's website.

Restricted Fields of Study:

Please note that Commerce and Law places at UBC Vancouver are very limited. Business courses are widely available at UBC Okanagan

Full list of restricted study areas 

List of restricted study areas - Okanagan Campus

Engineering: Students nominated under engineering are given preference for engineering courses, but enrolment in specific engineering courses is not guaranteed. Must meet courses pre-requisites to be considered. Allowed enrolment in maximum 2 courses outside of the Faculty of Applied Science.

Enrolment in second-year (Level 200) Commerce/Business courses may be limited.

Most Film Studies, Theatre, Kinesiology and Economics courses are restricted at UBC Vancouver. These are widely available at UBC Okanagan.

The majority of History courses are taught for the full year.

The following study areas are not available to exchange students:

  • Journalism
  • Botany and Zoology 
  • Audiology and Speech Sciences
  • Medicine & Dentistry

Please note that Economics, Business, Psychology, Health Sciences, Community and Regional Planning, and Anthropology courses are not available to exchange students at the graduate level. Please note that many graduate programs at UBC are very limited. Before submitting your application for exchange, please contact UQ Abroad for advice. 


Please note: Students who apply for Semester 2/Fall study will have a greater selection of courses. Students who apply for Semester 1/Winter study may need to a level of flexiblity in the courses that they choose. 

Approximate living expenses:

CAN$6000-$8000 per semester
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More information regarding cost of living specific to UBC can be found here


All UBC exchange students are required to purchase the mandatory health insurance: iMED. The cost of iMED is $213CAN for single-semester students.

Additional information:

Minimum cumulative GPA of 5.2 required to be eligible for exchange to UBC.

UBC International Student Handbook

UBC Factsheet 

Architecture: Postgraduate students only. Students must have at least four years of architectural training prior to their exchange at UBC. Students are expected to take one 9-credit studio + two additional 3-credit courses.



On-campus accommodation at the Vancouver campus is NOT guaranteed. On-campus accommodation is very competitive, especially during UBC's Term 1 or for Full Year students due to high demand. Students admitted to CIE (Engineering), will not have access to on-campus accommodation in Term 1. Students studying in Term 2 will be given priority access to on-campus housing.

Students wanting on-campus accommodation are encouraged to look at UBC's Okanagan Campus (see below).


FOR OKANAGAN CAMPUS: See what UBC's Okanagan campus has to offer exchange students

The Okanagan Campus (aka the O Campus) is a 5-hour drive from Vancouver and a 1-hour flight from Calgary or Seattle . The campus is located in Kelowna which is British Columbia's "four-season playground". Okanagan Lake, Big White Ski Resort, Crystal Mountain and Silver Star Mountain Resort are in and around Kelowna.

Courses offered at Okanagan Campus --> Campus: UBC Okanagan --> Seasons: 2017 Winter --> Arts, Science, Social Science, Engineering, Busines and Human Kinetics. 

>Priority registration after UBCO graduating students, so very likely to enrol in proposed courses.

Single-semester exchange available only

All inbound exchange students to UBCO are given a Peer Mentor to connect with about all the little things that are best answered by another student. 

On-Campus Accommodation: All incoming exchange students are given priority access to Housing if apply by the deadline (May 1st for September term and October 1st for January term).

Please clearly indicate which campus you wish to apply on the UQ Abroad application form. 


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