UQ Program: Bachelor of Commerce/Laws

I exchanged to the University of British Columbia for semester 2 2010. This was the end of my third year in my dual commerce law program. I found it difficult to match up law subjects at UBC so I just completed commerce subjects. This was helpful as it took some pressure off the academic side of the exchange which I found to be fairly demanding at times. The reason being that the UBC business school is high quality. I turned up in Vancouver a bit worried as I didn’t know a single person but it took less that 2 hours to make friends. I ended up making some very good friends from all over the world. The only downside of the exchange I would say is leaving all your new friends behind.

The Canadian culture is not all that different to Australia so I found it very easy to adapt to the new lifestyle. Different friends of mine had different expenses depending on how much travel they did during the semester. If you plan regular trips to the states or other parts of Canada it can get quite expensive, but sticking around Vancouver for the majority of the time is definitely affordable. I got far more out of the exchange than I thought was possible. New friendships, a sense of responsibility and freedom were all very rewarding. Exchange was one of the best decisions I think I’ve ever made. The friends, nightlife, weekend trips, and skiing all in one of the most beautiful and lively cities in the world is a very good combination.

5 top tips
1. Get your self to Whistler as much as possible. Before it starts snowing go mountain biking. It’s extremely fun. When it starts snowing get a season ski pass. Students get them at ridiculously low prices and you will not regret it. Once it becomes skiiable you will soon realise that you never want to leave.
2. Try to choose easy subjects because you will more than likely find yourself drinking 5 nights a week (most likely 7 nights at the start). Also try to get your classes starting as late as possible.  From what I heard 8am classes are a nightmare. Stay clear of them.
3. Stay on campus at either Gage towers or Fairview as they are very convenient and if you ever need to get to town there is a bus loop just down the road that will take you to anywhere in Vancouver for free on student pass.
4. Get to the pit (the pub on campus) every Wednesday and make sure you regularly visit republic nightclub in town on the weekend for some outrageous nights.
5. Travel around the place as much as possible. Particularly Stanley Park and Grousse Mountain before it starts snowing to see grizzly bears, wolves and unbelievable scenery. Also be sure to get down to Wreck beach (the nude beach on campus) while the sun is still out for an interesting experience.

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