Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Economics
Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Economics

While at UBC I studied 5 courses, all of which were attributable to my major. The teaching style at UBC, in particular in Sauder is very different to UQ. The class sizes were very small which was beneficial as lectures were very interactive and a strong relationship could be developed with the professor of each course. The most challenging aspect would be the lack of tutorials and online recording, therefore if your notes taken in class are insufficient, it will be difficult to catch up on missed content.


The most rewarding aspect of exchange, as cliché as it sounds, was making close friends with people all around the world. This however was bitter sweet, as leaving these friends you have lived with for the past 3 months was sad, given the majority live on the other side of the world. Living in Vancouver also gave me the opportunity to engage in many extra-curricular activities including surfing, mountain biking, white water rafting and hiking. Further, the exchange experience expanded my culinary skills and taught me to live independently which was something I will benefit from in the coming years.
I lived in Walter Gage in UBC. The convenience of the location was definitely the standout aspect. It was a 6 bedroom apartment with a shared common area. Living with 5 other housemates meant you were always in a social environment however if needed you could have your own private space, this was possible in your own single room. The suite-style accommodation however was less social than I anticipated relative to dormitory living.

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Vancouver and UBC were very similar to Brisbane and UQ in terms of expenditure on food, clothing an entertainment. While budgeting for exchange, I underestimated the cost of grocery shopping, budgeting $100/week however this was insufficient. It was possible though to make cost savings on items like alcohol and public transport which lead to my overall expenditure being close to budget. I would recommend budgeting approximately $40/day.

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Participating in exchange has taught me the ability to gather information and note take in a much more efficient manner, which is a result of the lack of lecture recordings and tutorials. In terms of employability, I believe attending a school such as UBC demonstrates my independence, initiative and commitment to learning and experiencing new cultures, teaching styles and living environments, all of which could attribute to a more desirable employee.

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Visiting the world class UBC bike park in Whistler was one of the best experiences I have ever had. The terrain offered in whistler is unlike anything else in Australia and around the world. Camping at the base of the whistler mountain, riding all day then sitting around a camp fire with a beer at night was absolutely amazing. If anyone going to UBC or the Vancouver area is into biking I would strongly recommend riding the bike park, it is something you will never forget.

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Courses at UBC are easier relative to courses at UQ. Do not be afraid of 5 courses, as the overall academic load is not that stressful. My main advice would be say yes to everything, exchange will fly by quicker than you expect and it is an experience that only comes while studying at university. Taking advantage of everything that is on offer at the respective university will lead to a rewarding and positive adventure. If I could re-do exchange I would vow to never spend a whole weekend at the university, to always strive to explore different environments and experience everything the city and surroundings have to offer.

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