UQ Program: Bachelor of Science

Reflecting on the semester it is pretty obvious to me that this exchange has been one of the best experiences in my life. This is partly due to the city, Montreal, which is a fascinating blend of Francophone and Anglophone culture. One can always find interesting places to have a drink, or eat some lunch, or just sit and enjoy a good book.

However McGill University definitely played just as big a part. McGill is an Anglophone university, so courses are taught in English, comparatively to UQ I found it to be more work, but I suppose that really depends on what you are studying here. McGill and UQ are quite similar, all lectures were very similar to those at UQ, lecturers or “profs” as they are called here were approachable and willing to help. However the big difference, in my opinion between the universities would be the student groups. I really recommend joining some of these groups, for example the McGill Outdoors Club, or the Snowboard Club, as they run some really fun and interesting trips. 

Some of my highlights include the MISN Ski Trip to Mt Sainte Anne (DO IT PEOPLE!!!), a weekend in Boston, and (not) practising my French with the Quebecois, as they would always reply in English.

Exchange has been a fantastic experience, I would recommend everyone to at least look into an exchange, and if you do choose to go somewhere, Montreal and McGill will not disappoint.

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