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Tell us all about your experience on exchange (remember that this is compulsory for anyone who received a scholarship). 
Example testimonials from previous exchange students can be seen here.

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Some words of caution: Some students have had trouble using the above form with Safari, so please choose a different browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox) to complete the form. 
Just in case you have any problems with the form, it’s a good idea to save your text in a Word document first and then copy and paste it into the form.

If you would prefer to create a VIDEO: Create up to a 5 minute video of you on campus/in the city/travelling/with friends etc. Load it onto YouTube and send the link to
Please do not use copyrighted music, as it is a breach of copyright unless you have specific permission from the artist or their representative (the record company).

You might like to think about your exchange experience in light of the new UQ Advantage Employability Framework (see attachment) - Employers are looking for a range of skills and attributes and studying overseas is one way to develop many of them. 
There may be times when you have had to face a difficult situation or you have stepped out of your comfort zone in a new environment. 
These experiences will help develop perseverance, resilience and confidence which are personal qualities that are highly valued by employers (among others). 
Read the attached handout to find out more.

PLEASE REMEMBER: Your testimonial (text and photos or video) may be used in promotional materials for the UQ Advantage Office and your UQ Faculties to encourage participation in the UQ Abroad Exchange Program.
Please make sure that the content you include is appropriate for a public audience. 
Please also remember that we are unable to publish anything that might cause offence to the host university. 
We reserve the right to edit or omit inappropriate text, but we will contact you before making any major changes. 
By submitting a testimonial, photograph and/or video, you consent to this being used in promotional material.

Please complete your testimonial by 2 months after your exchange.

We hope you had a great exchange and look forward to reading about your wonderful experiences!

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