Bachelor of Law/Arts, 3rd year
Bachelor of Law/Arts, 3rd year

Academic experiences

While overseas I studied:

  • International Economics
  • Development Economics
  • Human Rights and its Discontents
  • European Union Decision-Making

I enjoyed only having assessment for these courses at the end of the semester, providing time for travelling.
It was a challenge learning some of the different forms of learning and assessment such as taking oral exams however they turned out to be a good way of demonstrating what you had learnt during the semester and were not harder than the written exams.

Rainbow Bridge, Aarhus, Denmark

Personal experiences

I definitely think exchange helped me to grow as a person, gaining independence and confidence in making decisions and going out into the world on my own.
It was an amazing experience to meet people and become friends with people from all over the world with different cultural backgrounds and upbringings.

Visiting countries such as Russia, The Netherlands, Germany and Italy while on exchange was also a cultural eye-opener and a great historical experience.
Learning some Danish was a good way to try to integrate into the Danish community although not necessary as everyone speaks English but it was nice to make an effort.

White Water Rafting in Austria


I lived in the student residence Bispebjerg Kollegiet, less than 20 minutes bike ride from the city centre and my campus for economics and political science.
I enjoyed having my own room with a bathroom and kitchenette but it was also nice to have the option of shared meals and socialisation in the common rooms of the building.
There are a range of options provided in the Copenhagen Housing system depending on whether you want more individual or shared space.

Weekend Trip to Berlin


The UQ Abroad recommended amount for exchange is a good predictor of how much you will need however it will vary depending on which accommodation you choose, how much travel you do and your choices with food and other daily expenses.

It is a good idea to eat in to keep to your budget and also to buy a bike when you arrive as public transport will add up to being very expensive.
The best thing is you can sell back the bike at the end of your exchange, meaning your transport has been free for 6 months.

Academic development and employability

Exchange has increased my independence and self-confidence, not relying on someone else when making decisions and travelling a lot on my own.
Meeting people from across the globe has opened my mind to many different ways of living and viewing the world.

First Snow in Copenhagen


I would have to say travelling to many diverse and culturally different countries while on exchange was the highlight of my experience.
From Russia to Norway to Austria to Greece you come across very different history, people and landscapes.

Of course, it was also an incredible experience to integrate yourself into the Danish culture for such a long time where it becomes like a second home rather than just a visiting stop.

Top tips

1. Do the Danish Pre-Semester Language Course as a way to learn some Danish and make friends before the Semester even begins.

2. Go on the trips organised by ESN CPH, the Erasmus group.
It is a great way to visit new places especially other parts of Denmark while making new friends.

3. Buy a bike as it is the cheapest way to get around, everyone does it and it is so safe it is not even a requirement to wear a helmet.

4. Buy your food from grocery stores such as Netto and Lidl as it will save you a lot of money.

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