Technical University of Delft
City: Delft
Approximate semester dates:

Semester 1 (Autumn Semester): September - January
Semester 2 (Spring Semester): February - July


Language of instruction: Dutch, English
Full time load equivalent: 30 ECTS  credits per semester
Fields of Study Available:

Bachelor’s programs are taught in Dutch except the:
- Aerospace Bachelor’s which is fully taught in English
- Applied Earth Sciences Bachelor’s which is fully taught in English
- Computer Sciences Bachelor’s which will be gradually taught in English from 2016-17 onwards
- Nanobiology Bachelor’s which is partially in English

Other programs have limited courses in English.
Masters courses are all taught in English:
- Applied Sciences
- Architecture
- Civil Engineering & Geosciences
- Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
- Industrial Design Engineering
- Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering
- Technology, Policy and Management

**Students who have completed three years of university study are allowed to choose a Master course package. Lower level Bachelor students can choose out of three Bachelor minor packages which are taught in English.**

Programme information brochures 

"Study Guide" - Course search tool

Courses in English

Aerospace Engineering course list (2015/16)

Please note that the options listed on this webpage should be used as a guide only. Additional discipline areas may be available. For current information about fields of study, course selection and language proficiency requirements, please check the host university's website.

Restricted Fields of Study:

Bachelor level exchange only possible in Autumn Semester (September-January)

Engineering available

Postgraduate architecture - 1 semester place available per year (submission of portfolio required as part of application)

Computer Science - Students must have completed four semesters at UQ before commencing in the Computer Sciences Department.

Approximate living expenses:

EUR 850 - 1000 per month

Living expenses breakdown
Global Currency Converter

Accommodation is not guaranteed for exchange students

Additional information:

Information Sheet

Aerospace Engineering Information Sheet

Architecture exchange information

Exchange students can choose to apply for the Dutch student visa/Residency Permit through Delft, or the Working Holiday Scheme through the Dutch Consulate.

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Delft Extension School video


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