Going on exchange in Dublin has certainly been one of the highlights of my degree. I’m in my third and final year of a Bachelor of Science, and going on exchange really gave me a different perspective on my studies, as well as allowing me to meet a bunch of nice people from all over the world. Going on exchange really was a great experience, and if you’re thinking about it, I’d definitely recommend UCD!

UCD has a great variety of courses, so for me it was really nice to do something a little different, that I wouldn’t have had the chance to do at UQ. If you’re science-minded like me, check out COMP20090 (Introduction to Cognitive Science), which was a little strange at times, but really interesting.

Taking six modules (courses) in one semester sounded daunting to me at first, but don’t worry. Each one is a little less work than each UQ course, and there’s still plenty of time for travel. If you’ve got a bit of time to check out Ireland (and I’d definitely recommend it), make sure you get to Galway, Cork, Belfast and the Dingle Peninsula. Ireland is quite a small country, so it’s really easy to get around, and there are fairly regular busses to most places. In Dublin, try doing the Dublin pass one weekend – it gives entry to most of the main attractions. If it’s a nice day (which doesn’t happen all that often), a picnic on St. Stephen’s green makes a really good afternoon.

Dublin is also a great base for travelling a little further into Europe. Check out Ryanair and Easyjet – low cost airlines that make trips away really cheap. If you’re flying with Ryanair, make sure you print out your boarding pass and that your carry-on isn’t too big, because otherwise they’ll charge you a big fine.

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