UQ Program: Bachelor of Science

I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to take part in an exchange to McGill University. On the academic side I found the university to be of very high standards with each class having a lot of readings. The other major difference is that the university did not have a study week and once you finish classes in early December you immediately began exams.

Definitely the highlight of my exchange was playing intramural ice hockey with a fellow Australian.  Although I had previously never skated before or even picked up a hockey stick, if I was given the opportunity again I would not hesitate to participate. It was a wonderful experience and a great way to meet some Canadians that had been playing their entire life.

Financially, it is really up to the individual as to how much they want to spend. McGill International Student Society was always organising trips around the country, which included travel to America. I was fortunate enough to visit Boston and New York. I would therefore suggest you have saved enough to allow you to go on weekend trips away and for going out and exploring the nightlife of Montreal.

Overall, I found the exchange trip to be very worthwhile and I would recommend it to everyone.

5 top tips 
1. Play Ice Hockey
2. Watch both a university game of ice hockey and American football
3.Visit the club 1234 as you can view the entire city of Montreal at night
4. Participate in their program called Frosh – no matter how old you are, this is the first place you have the opportunity to meet people
5.  Eat Poutine (traditional food of Quebec)

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