Academic experience: The University of British Columbia is known for its good business school, and my expectations towards the faculty was definitely met during my time there. The Exchange student advisors were very helpful, and in the beginning of the semester they helped me changing my timetable around several times, enrolling me in courses that was already full. The classes in Sauder business school are much smaller than at UQ, and the professors expect you to participate by asking and answering questions in every class. There was also a greater emphasis on cases in all my classes, which I also very much enjoyed. Overall, my academic experience at UBC was very good.

Personal experiences/What I got out of it: Life outside uni has been so good, and it is an experience I will never forget. I met so many nice people, both Canadians and other exchange students. I had been told that a semester abroad goes by very quickly, and that is why I tried to do weekend trips to different places every weekend. Canada is a beautiful country and there are so much to see, and not nearly enough time to do it all in only 4 months. I would definitely recommend anyone going on an exchange to UBC to do a trip to the Rocky Mountains, Vancouver Island, and of course, Whistler.

Expenses: Costs of living in Vancouver is pretty similar to Brisbane, maybe a bit more expensive. If you are a snowboarder or a skier and are planning on getting a season pass, make sure to buy it before November 24th so you can get the cheap student pass, otherwise it gets quite expensive. Remember, tax is not included, so everything seems cheaper than what it actually is. Tipping is expected, anywhere between 10-15%.

Accommodation: During the semester I stayed in Fairview Crescent in an apartment shared with three other girls. I enjoyed staying in Fairview as they had many social events early on in the semester, and it is also located close to “the village”, where you can find a supermarket and some restaurants and other shops. I did hear a few complains about Fairview’s distance from uni, but it did not take me more than 15-20 minutes to walk and you will always find other people to walk with.

Five top tips: Visit “the eatery” if you like sushi – The best and weirdest sushi I’ve ever tasted. Take a trip to Vancouver Island, go on a whale safari and surf the waves of Tofino, hike Grouse Mountain and visit Stanley park. Join a UBC club (such as the ski and board club etc) to get some Canadian friends. Kits has great coffee shops and go to Gas town for restaurants and bars. And last, but not least, go up to Whistler as often as you can. You can never get enough of that place.

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