Program at UQ: Bachelor of Arts

My decision to take my extended major, Japanese language, more seriously by studying it overseas on exchange was probably the best decision I have made in my studies so far. As I had never been overseas in my life before, plunging myself into a completely new kind of cultural experience has opened my eyes to things I never realised about the world before. Additionally, putting myself in an environment where the language I chose to study is used on a daily basis by all the locals has helped me develop my language skills far more extensively than I believe studying from my home university ever would have.

Conversely, being so far, and so different from home for such a long time has also taught me to appreciate the things in Australia which are not offered by other countries. Things I took for granted in my home country before are probably the things I will never take for granted again. On the other hand, Japan’s strong points as a country overall have also heightened my awareness on the areas in which I think Australia as a nation should work on as well.

For anyone considering making the transition from studying Japanese language at the University of Queensland to a university in Japan on exchange, my advice is as follows: Study the language as much as you can prior to your arrival here. Doing so will help you make friends faster, and ease the feelings of initial isolation.

In closing, though, undergoing your language studies overseas might not be the easiest thing to do at times, but I’d definitely say it’s one of the most fulfilling.


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