Bachelor of International Studies, 3rd year
Bachelor of International Studies, 3rd year

Academic experiences

Chichen Itza

On exchange I completed a courses of Spanish Language, North American Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, International Relations Theory and International Organisations/Institutions.
I enjoyed the differences in the academic system, my university focused on teaching students the importance of working in teams and rather than writing essays I found myself improving my ability to talk in front of people through the many presentations I gave in class.
My first presentation was terrible but through constructive criticism and the help of my professors, I ended up being able to easily present in class.
The work load at Technologic De Monterrey wasn't heavy so I was able to travel regularly throughout the semester and still get exceptional marks.
Personal experiences
Through my exchange I met the most amazing people, I have made friendships for life with people from all over the world.
I was able to improve my Spanish language skills whilst travelling throughout Mexico and then onto Peru.

This Hidden Beach


I lived in student accommodation; a three-storey house with 11 other international students.
It was a great place to live while on exchange; there were many amazing people living there and we were a short 8 minute walk from campus in a very safe neighbourhood.
I would recommend students looking at Tecnologico De Monterrey to think about whether they want to be close to campus or close to the city.
The university is quite far from the city centre, its a nice area with markets, street food, lots of other students and a very Mexican vibe.
There are other neighbourhoods with lots of students between the city and the campus so just do your research.

Last day at university in Mexico


For me rent was around $350 Australian dollars a month and food and entertainment were cheap.
In Mexico we used Ubers and the metro for transport; they were also cheap.
I found the easiest way to budget in Mexico was to withdraw every week or two weeks my budgeted amount, for example I would withdraw money on Monday and make it last till the following Monday.
In a country like Mexico this worked well as I was able to know how much I was spending, save on withdrawal fees and most transactions were cash only anyway.

Hierve el Agua

Academic development and employability

I am unsure how it has helped my employability as I am unemployed at the moment.
My exchange allowed me to develop my Spanish language skills and improve my ability to give oral presentations.



Semana Santa in Mexico was definitely a highlight.
We got a week break from university; my friends and I spent the week exploring the beautiful Mexican coastline, soaking in the sunshine and enjoying sunset beachside beers.

Top tips

Get it organised and just do it, it will be the best thing you ever do.
Don't stress too much about your study plan, it will all work out.

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