Multiple $5,000 - $7,000 grants are available through the New Colombo Plan for students going on exchange in semester 1or 2, 2018 to South Korea. 

Seoul National University
City: Seoul
Approximate semester dates:

Spring Semester (Semester 1): March – June
Fall Semester (Semester 2): September – December

Academic Calendar

Language of instruction: Korean and English (about 15% of courses are taught in English)
Full time load equivalent:

Undergraduate: 15 credits per semester

Postgraduate: 12 credits per semester

Fields of Study Available:

This is not an exclusive list of the Disciplines available.
Disciplines listed here can provide a full-time load of study.  
All other available courses can be found in the course catalogue.

Humanities & Social Sciences:

Literature & Poetry

Korean & Asian History

Cultural Studies
Political Science
International Relations

Religion & Philosophy
Journalism & Communication
Cultural Studies

Sciences & Health Sciences:


Earth & Environmental Sciences


Human Ecology


Electrical & Computer Engineering

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Computer Science

Materials Science & Engineering

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Nuclear Engineering


Management Information Systems

Business Management

Course Catalogue (Click on top right green bar to change from Korean to English): Make sure you read the instructions on How to search SNU courses before searching courses. Then click on the "Course Search" magnifying icon on the top bar and also "Advanced Search" to select the correct year and semester. 

Curriuculm Page

Click here for a list of Business courses NOT available to exchange students (as local SNU degree students have priority to register for these requisite courses)

Courses offered at College of Music

Please note that the options listed on this webpage should be used as a guide only. Additional discipline areas may be available. For current information about fields of study, course selection and language proficiency requirements, please check the host university's website.

Restricted Fields of Study:

Courses offered by: the College of Medicine, the College of Dentistry, the College of Veterinary Medicine, the College of Law (NOT for UG students), and the Law School.

NOT available for MBA students

Approximate living expenses:

KRW 800,000 per month
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Additional information:

SNU Information Sheet 2016/17

Both Undergraduate and Postgraduate exchanges available 

Minimum cumulative GPA of 5.0

Students applying to SNU College of Business Administration: minimum cumulative GPA of 6.2 

Students apply for the Korean History/Psychology/Statistics department must provide a proof of Korean language ability. A satisfactory level of Korean language ability should be either (1) Level 5 or above of official Korean Language Proficiency Test or (2) Level 5 or above of Korean Test conducted at the SNU Language Institute.

SNU College of Business Administration Information Sheet 2016/17: Business courses are restricted to students who are currently studying Business/Commerce or Economics at UQ. 

Guideline for Exchange Students

Life at SNU (includes information about housing)

10-week Korean Language & Culture Program available to exchange students by Language Education Institute (LEI) at an additional cost. 

More information:

  • One session is eqivalent to a 6-credit unit course
  • Exchange students must apply for the program separately to LEI 
  • Application fee is waived
  • 50% tuition subsidised (students pay up front and are reimbursed by SNU's Office of International Affairs)
  • Limited number of full tuition scholarships available to students majoring in Korean 
  • LEI will issue a trancript separate from SNU

For Fall and Spring semesters only (not Summer or Winter).



What our students say about Seoul National University
Haerim: Seoul National University (Semester 2, 2016) Haerim: Seoul National University (Semester 2, 2016) Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Arts, 5th year
Jaemo: Seoul National University (Semester 2, 2015 & Semester 1, 2016) Jaemo: Seoul National University (Semester 2, 2015 & Semester 1, 2016) Bachelor of Business Management, 3rd year
Jia Jia: Seoul National University (Semester 2, 2014) Jia Jia: Seoul National University (Semester 2, 2014) Music
Rebecca: Seoul National University (Semester 1, 2014) Rebecca: Seoul National University (Semester 1, 2014) Bachelor of International Studies
Kok Yong: Seoul National University (Semester 2, 2012 & 1, 2013) Kok Yong: Seoul National University (Semester 2, 2012 & 1, 2013) Bachelor of Arts/Economics
David: Seoul National University (Semester 2, 2012) David: Seoul National University (Semester 2, 2012) Master of International Studies