I am a third year student majoring in peace and conflict studies and international relations. Although I could only choose electives while in exchange, McGill offers a wide range of courses in its Arts Faculty.

Two of the courses I took, History of Women in China and Women and war were really interesting and complete. The teachers were really approachable and organised. It is not too hard to find the building and rooms and metro stations as well as bus stops are very close to the downdown campus. However, I would suggest to anyone going to McGill in exchange to make sure that he/she enrols as early as possible in his/her courses because places are limited for certain courses. Also, the blackboard program is not as complete as the one in UQ.

My experience in McGill and Montreal was absolutely amazing. McGill campus is gorgeous; makes you feel like you are in some kind of medieval movie. The health services are good and the library well furnished. The location of the downtown campus is awesome – in the middle of the city – and the view from the main building of uni is fabulous at night!

The association of French and English culture gives a real authenticity to this city. There are a lot of parcs, the street are beautiful and it is safe.

What’s more, montreal is very similar to Australia and UQ as many ethnicities are cohabitating and sharing their differences. Quebecois people are realy friendly and helpful, easygoing and curious! And even if you go for an exchange during winter you are going to love it. Lots of festivals are taking place and events are organised by the city. Although, I woulg suggest to anyone to stay during summer for a while, just to see the city changing, I was impressed!
Moreover the proximity with the US and Latin America is pretty cool, you can rent a car or take the bus and go visit New York, Toronto, Detroit and other places easily!

Regarding expenses, Montreal is cheaper than Brisbane on many things. However you’ll have to familiarize yourself with the fact that the prices you see do not take taxes into account, or that you do not need to touch of you Opus card! But rents, public transports and fast-foods are pretty cheap.

The tips I could give you are: enrol early in your courses! Go visit as many parcs as possible, go to the Banquise on Mont Royal eat a Poutine or/and to Schwartz eat their incredible smoked meat. Go to the Tam-tams and the Picnik electronik!
I met awesome people in Montreal and I really encourage anyone curious and adventurous to go on exchange in McGill, it is worth it. And I assure you, you won’t be happy to leave!

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