My exchange at the University of Toronto in Canada was one of the best experiences of my life. I spent a total of six months overseas for semester two of my third year. This was the fall semester in Canada.
I am currently studying a dual degree of Bachelor of Journalism/Arts majoring in Political Science and International Relations. While on exchange I took four political science classes and they were fantastic. The work load was very similar to UQ so it was not difficult to adapt to their academic system. What I loved the most about UofT was the quality of the professors. I had the most amazing lectures because my teachers were so passionate about the subject.

While living in Toronto I stayed in one of the on-campus residences, Chestnut. It was about a fifteen minute walk through the city to campus and situated right across from the main shopping center. I thoroughly enjoyed Chestnut; the rooms were very big, there were lots of options for meals and the location was perfect. The main challenge for me was sharing a room. I wish I had chosen a single room because it was hard living with someone who had a completely different schedule and course load to me.

Despite the room issues I made some wonderful friends whilst on exchange. I met people from all around the world along with many Canadians and together we went to Niagara Falls, Montreal, New York, Clear Lake and Whistler. These people became my family; a lot of who were on exchange themselves so could understand the difficulties of missing home, family and friends.

If you are considering coming to Toronto for exchange I highly recommend it. The city never sleeps; it is so vibrant and multicultural. If you do not like the cold I would recommend the fall semester, the weather is beautiful and very different to Australian fall. I made some fantastic friends and wonderful memories; it is an experience I will never forget!

Top Five Tips:

  • If you’re a coffee fan head straight to Dark Horse
  • Kensington Market is a fantastic place for fresh fruit, veggies and delis galore!
  • If you love skiing I would definitely recommend heading to Whistler. It was the highlight of my trip abroad and so picturesque.
  • Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) is on the first weekend of the semester. I would recommend heading out as much as you can to experience it all! TIFF brings with it such a great atmosphere and there are lots of events to attend!
  • If you love music I would suggest trying the Mansion events. They are on every month and play some really great, alternative music. Search for them on Facebook.

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