British Columbia is easily one of the most beautiful places on earth and being able to study there was a privilege. I went in the second year of my science and economics degree but did only psychology subjects, most of which I wouldn’t have the opportunity to take at UQ. The courses were very interesting and the Professors were amazing, I thoroughly enjoyed my study. The workload was definitely greater at UBC than at UQ but it did not interfere too much with all plans of travel and fun.

I lived in the first year/exchange student’s dorm residence of Totem Park. I really wanted to experience North American dorm life and I was not disappointed. Not only did it give me many opportunities to meet people and make friends from all around the world but there was a huge sense of family on the floor I lived on. There was plenty of partying and fun and always something to do. The college required you to buy a meal plan so most meals were pre-paid, but it was still nice to go out for dinners and lunches with friends often.

The best part of my exchange was definitely the travel. I got the opportunity to travel in the USA and I also spent a lot of time in Whistler and exploring Vancouver. Vancouver and the surrounding areas have a lot to offer and exploring as much as possible is a must. Whistler is one of the coolest places I have ever been and I’ve heard it is just as great in the summer.

If you get the chance to go on exchange to UBC I urge you to take it! I don’t think you could possibly have a bad time.

5 tips!

  • Invest in good rain/snow gear. I used my ski jacket to keep me dry when it rained since it was usually pretty cold too. Gum boots are a must!
  • Go to whistler! That place is incredible.
  • Thursday nights at the Backstage Lounge on Granville Island are amazing. $1.75 for a beer, amazing live music and it’s always busy on a Thursday!
  • Go and see a Canucks game! It can be a little pricey but it is so worth it! GO CANUCKS GO!
  • See as much of Vancouver as you can. The place is huge and has lots of amazing places so try and see them all!


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