UQ Program: Bachelor of Arts

Annual rubber duck races, aggressive gondola races, soaring recumbent bike riders: Tübingen is no ordinary place to study. A town truly like no other: snow-covered, timber-framed buildings provide the town with a traditional feel, whilst the Neckar front and gondola rides endow the town with a romantic aspect. The town also caters for its chocolate-lovers with a yearly chocolate festival. Being situated in the southwest corner of Germany definitely has its advantages, with France and Switzerland being a short hop away.

Studying in Tübingen has got to be the most unique experience I've ever had. Being on your own in a foreign country can be daunting at first, but people here are always more than willing to help those students wandering astray.

The cost of living is surprisingly low in Germany, in comparison to the rest of Western Europe. It is a food-lovers paradise: 30 euros tend to cover the grocery bill for a week, varying according to personal tastes. Those culinary-challenged can always opt for the tastily cheap Dönerkebab stores situated at every corner. Beer is surprisingly cheaper at a restaurant than water, and decent brews can be bought at a supermarket for less than 50 cents a piece! Rent is significantly cheaper in Germany, where you can expect to pay around 200-300 euros monthly for a room in a student dormitory. Internet is also free for students here.

Pursuing courses conducted entirely in German is a definite worthwhile challenge, especially for those undertaking a German major. Attending lectures and tutorials with hundreds of German students is no easy task. However, not only has this greatly improved my command of the language, but has also allowed me to understand the perspective of those international students studying in Australia. While you're at it, why not throw in an additional Serbo-Croatian or salsa dancing course for fun?

For those seeking to study in Tübingen, I strongly recommend taking part in the 'Start Course' offered by the University. This was a great program which helped in language immersion; facilitated me in navigating through Germany's notorious bureaucracy; gave me the opportunity to make friends right from the start; took me on class trips to cities like Basel and Konstanz; and assisted me in finding a tandem partner.

If you're able to do an exchange, whether in Tübingen, Germany or anywhere else for that matter, embrace it! It is amazing to see how much I've learned since arriving here.

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