Bachelor of Business Management/Bachelor of Laws, 3rd year
Bachelor of Business Management/Bachelor of Laws, 3rd year

Academic experiences

At Copenhagen Business School I studied Emerging Markets - Societies in Transition, Business Strategy, Finance Management and International Business in Asia.
CBS is highly regarded in the world for its amazing academic staff and also the curriculum and way of teaching.
My experience at CBS was so incredibly different from my experience at UQ.
The assessment and also the classes vary greatly from what I was used to.
Instead of the standard 2 hour written exams at UQ, the assessment at CBS could vary from a 30-minute oral exam to simply one written assignment or a computer exam.
This different way of teaching and assessment allowed me to grow more as a student as I experienced different ways to learn.

Copenhagen's famous Nyhavn - "New Harbour"

Personal experiences

Copenhagen, “the happiest country in the world”.
My time in Copenhagen was definitely the best 6 months of my life.
I loved the beautiful capital city along with its beautiful, friendly people.
Copenhagen is unique and opens you up to many different experiences – one in particular was “Hygge”.
This has no English translation but basically means a feeling of cosiness with the people you love.
I love all the friends I made while on Exchange, whether they were from Denmark or from other places around the world.
I shared many amazing experiences with them, including traveling around Europe.


I lived in the campus accommodation at Porcelænshaven with many other exchange students.
I loved my living arrangement because even though you are around the same people constantly, my room had its own bathroom and kitchen so, while I loved being with people often, I was also able to have some time to myself.
The accommodation was in a perfect location right on the CBS campus and a 2 minute walk to the metro.
It was also easy to ride my bike into the city which would only take around 15 minutes.

The Little Mermaid


Copenhagen is known for being expensive, however, I never found that it was out of my budget.
The most expensive thing I had to accommodate for was my accommodation which was around $5000.
Otherwise, everyday living expenses were relatively normal as long as you shopped in the right places.
Eating out is expensive so I only did that on rare occasions.
Transport costs are definitely non-existent if you have a bike.
A bike is an essential thing to have in Copenhagen if you want to fully adapt to Danish life.

Academic development and employability

Meeting such a variety of different people who each had so many different life experiences definitely opened my eyes to the world and I believe I have become a lot more cultured as a result of my time in Europe.
I believe this along with my increased independence from living alone, has definitely enhanced my employability.


The highlight of my experience in Copenhagen was being able to go on a trip around Denmark organised by CBS.
The trip was such a fun way to see Denmark and all it has to offer with all my fellow exchange students.
And of course, I got to visit the famous Legoland which was a definite highlight.

Top tips

I think anyone who can should definitely consider participating in an exchange!
It is such a fantastic way to experience the world and travel whilst also having somewhere to call home.
It is important to get involved in all the different activities that the exchange university has to offer as they are the best way to meet your fellow exchange students.
My time in Copenhagen was such a unique experience which I will treasure forever.
I definitely recommend studying at CBS.
It fully met all my expectations and I grew so much as a person from my time there.
So to finish off, “Skål” to Denmark for all the great times I had with you!

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