UQ Program: Bachelor of Arts

My flight to Copenhagen couldn't have come at a better time, managing to miss both the floods in Australia and the extreme cold snap in Scandinavia was a welcoming start. Unlike the other two central universities in the city, I was studying at the Technical University of Denmark which is located slightly outside the city center. Trying to work the public transport on my first day in a foreign country was a bit overwhelming but it certainly makes you immediately interact with the Danish people; who all are very friendly and willing to help, not to mention very attractive.

As a city, Copenhagen is incredible; the people are all very nice and all speak perfect English, the city feels very homey making it easy to settle in and it is located in central Europe so it is possible to travel to several nearby countries such as Sweden, Norway, Germany and the Netherlands. For very cheap flights to any of these destinations look at momondo.com and for trains its done mostly through dsb.dk. I went to all of those countries during the semester and loved every minute. The obvious places to go are Berlin and Amsterdam, however for a more tranquil holiday I highly recommend the Norwegian Fjords, rated National Geographic’s number one travel destination.

In Copenhagen I was living in an area at the end of public transports zone 2 called Tingbjerg. The student residence there wasn't very good as it is in a bad area of the city and is more for older students taking their masters degrees. If you’re looking for a more upbeat party atmosphere I strongly recommend to get somewhere more central. It may be a bit of a trek out to uni, but will be totally worth it in the long run. Even from the city center it would not take long to ride to DTU and let you see the surrounding areas. Going to Copenhagen you definitely need a bike, as it is so easy to ride in the city with designated bike lanes everywhere.

The university itself is outstanding, all the courses I took were extremely interesting with high quality lecturers and teaching equipment. I enjoyed making the ride to uni every day and made many new friends through my degree. When studying there you need to inject yourself into the life by getting involved in study groups and meeting other students. '

I could talk about the city forever as I have had an incredible semester but feel I should add some more general information about great deals available in Copenhagen. For cheap food you should go to shops called 'Fakta' or 'Netto' and all sell very cheap booze with the pick of the bunch being a $10 bottle of vodka which we all grew to love. Going out in the city I highly recommend 'Australia Bar', 'Kulor Bar' for a more chilled vibe with a reasonable dance floor, and for a big night hit up 'Diskotek' were entry gets you free drinks all night (closes at 8am)

As you can probably tell I have fallen in love with the city and could easily move there later in life. It may not be your first choice at the moment, but I guarantee your time in Copehagen will be amazing.

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