UQ Program: Bachelor of Science

My time at McGill University in Montreal has been one of the most fun few months of my life.  Montreal especially is an incredibly fun and vibrant city.  Character-filled bars, clubs, cafes and restaurants on every corner mean that there is a huge amount of things to do and there is always something interesting on offer.

I am in my third year of a Bachelor of Science at UQ, but I was able to save up electives and use them so I was studying first-year Arts subjects at McGill.  If at all possible I would recommend doing this – as it is much easier to organise your exchange and I was able to do something different using electives.  Furthermore, the subjects I chose were less intensive than those I would have otherwise been forced to take, and thus I was able to enjoy Montreal and my exchange in general a lot more.

McGill can be a bit tricky in getting the subjects that you want, as they fill up quickly – so I recommend getting in early to make sure that you can study the subjects that you want to.  Don’t get too panicky if they aren’t available though – there are inevitably heaps of changes in the enrolments of subjects within the first two weeks of semester.
If you’re looking to have a good time, I would absolutely tell you to go to Montreal.   It has a ridiculous nightlife, and the people know how to enjoy themselves. If you can try and get on a carnival team for the winter semester or a frosh team in the summer semester – try and look into this as early as possible, as by the time semester starts they have long since filled up.

On my exchange I met some awesome people and made some great friends – Canadian people are generally extremely friendly and will always help you out and show you a good time.  Other exchange students are also generally very interesting and fun people, and they often are also looking to enjoy their exchange as much as possible!  All in all I met some of the coolest people I know in Montreal, and I guarantee anyone will enjoy themselves and have a worthwhile exchange at McGill.

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