UQ Program: Bachelor of Business/Laws

So you’re thinking of going on an exchange and Copenhagen takes your fancy? If living amongst some of the world's most beautiful people in a country declared the happiest around last year isn't enough to convince you, then the city itself certainly should and be assured it won't disappoint.

I took courses from the business side of my business/laws bachelor (which is in its third year) whilst studying at CBS and quickly fell in love with the city, the culture and the University itself. The University is situated in the quaint neighborhood of Frederiksberg, just a five minute metro ride from the city centre and comprises very modern buildings and facilities. For my four courses I only had one lecture a week for the most part. These lectures though were much more interactive than those at UQ with students constantly challenging the reasoning of the lecturer, creating a vibrant learning environment. In today's globalised world studying courses abroad was a magnificent opportunity to further my knowledge and give an international touch to my degree.

Growing up on the beach I thought I knew the lifestyle I wished to lead but that was until I met the Danish. The happiest people in the world didn't become so from nowhere. Their peaceful inviting culture is something to be admired and something I will sorely miss on returning to Australia. Everyone speaks perfect English and is very welcoming and open and the testosterone violence witnessed on the late night streets of Brisbane will NEVER be seen here outside of viking history books.

In terms of expenses the expensive stereotype of Copenhagen certainly fits when it comes to eating out or getting a haircut. However I was pleasantly surprised that eating in was about the same price as Australia and drinking was considerably cheaper with 30beers (Dansk beer) going for as cheap as 50kr, (at Facta food store) which is less than $10 and some bars even occasionally offer free beer for 2-3hrs. Your key cost however will most likely be accommodation, though if you can find a place in Norrebro or Frederiksberg I would definitely recommend it, I would not however recommend Tinjberg if you can avoid it.

All in all my exchange was an amazing experience and met and exceeded all of my expectations. For yourself, for your education and for the memory bank if you are thinking of going on an exchange think no longer and start to get the ball rolling as it will be one of the best things you will ever do. As for Copenhagen, I struggle to fault it.

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