Going on exchange to UCD was definitely a highlight of my University experience. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Science hoping to continue on to Medicine and while on exchange I studied biomedical science subjects. It is not too different to going to University back at home, even taking 6 subjects instead of 4 the course load was very similar and contact hours may even have been less.
In my experience the academic side of my exchange was easy and perfectly manageable simply by putting in the work as needed.

The best aspect was definitely the experience of living in a totally different country and all the experiences and changes that went with it. It was a great opportunity to make new friends and connections on the other side of the world. From your room mates to other exchange students to people you meet in your course everyone wants to hear a little bit about you and where you are from. I myself made some friends I will stay in contact with for the rest of my life.

I lived in Glenomena one of the on campus student residences; I would recommend it to anyone going over on exchange. The two best residences people were always talking about were Roebuck and Glenomena so I was lucky to stay in one and it did not disappoint. Staying there I stayed with a mix of Irish students and other exchange students. The living environment was great, the Irish students were always great company and good fun and of course the other exchange students were always up for anything. In short it is a great combination and as long as you have some really simple house rules everyone has a good time together. My roommates in fact became some of my best friends there and we had some memorable nights out and even had some better nights in!

In terms of expenses the biggest costs were accommodation (paid before leaving Australia) and travel while abroad! Weekly costs including food, drink, nights out etc could be kept between 100-175 euro (mostly depending on how many nights on the town you have). Although subsequent travel abroad was one of the biggest expenses it would be my number recommendation to anyone going abroad. Cheap airlines such as RyanAir make it so easy to do weekend trips all around Europe. I myself went to Latvia, Copenhagen and London to name a few.

My top 5 tips for anyone travelling to UCD:

  • On-campus accommodation is not an absolute must but it is extremely convenient especially for anyone on a one semester exchange
  • Join a student society like ESN or ISS and get involved in as many events as you can, pub crawls, dinner and most especially trips around Ireland it was a great way to see a lot of the things the country has to see and have fun while doing so
  • Go out and experience the nightlife and the pub culture of Ireland and Dublin it is some of the best fun you will ever have
  • Make the effort to get to know your roommates and people in your building so that you always have someone to chat with or go out with
  • Finally my last tip is simply to always have a good time, make the most of your exchange by always giving it your all. Don’t stay shut up in your room watching a movie, get out and meet some people and make some memories!

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