Bachelor of Architecture, 3rd year
Bachelor of Architecture, 3rd year

 Academic experiences

I study architecture.
I enjoy meeting new people, especially with architecture I get to know get a wider perspective on global architecture.

Personal experiences

Personal experiences that I gained throughout the exchange include meeting people from all around the world, and being able to share our ideas and learn how to communicate with people from different cultures and backgrounds.
Travelling also allowed me to learn a lot about that particular place.

Munich Town Hall


I live off campus, in a private room.
I advise starting to find accommodation in Munich earlier as the demand is high.


My host university's website provided us an estimation of all expenses, which is quite accurate.
Budget can be planned around the estimation given.

Academic development and employability

It allows me to see things differently, and being able to work with people from different backgrounds.


A single highlight would be the variety of people I met.

Top tips

Do research on the university that suits your course the most, and picking a location that allows you to go travelling easily while on exchange.

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