My exchange experience in the beautiful city of Montreal was one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life. The city – with its historic French buildings and castles, and mix of friendly French and English people – is so unique it is simply incomparable to anywhere else in the world.

As I set foot upon Mcgill University, I was immediately amazed by the friendliness of the students, and I soon discovered the excellent array of student networks and clubs that made my settling in extremely easy and warm. At Mcgill, I took courses in the Biomedical Sciences and Psychology faculties, and found the lecturers (they call them professors there) really great. 3rd year physiology courses are quite difficult and competitive at Mcgill, so I would only choose it if you are confident with physiology.

With a multitude of bars and pubs, great shops, cosy cafes, cool markets, and outdoor skating rinks in winter, you never find yourself bored in this city. Once the first heavy snowfall hits the city in normally around November or December, the snow blanket transforms the city to a truly marvellous place. Close to the city are some amazing snow fields set on beautiful mountain ranges. For me, skiing down those slopes was one of the most exhilarating and fantastic experiences I’ve ever had. On top of all this, Montreal is nicely situated not too far from Ontario (capital of Canada), Quebec City, Toronto, Niagara Falls, Boston and New York. Montreal really has a great atmosphere and culture that is just too difficult to describe on paper, so I really must urge you to take this journey and experience it for yourself.

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