All universities are different and you might notice that your host university operates differently to what you are used to at UQ.  At some universities, courses fill up and extra lectures are not created, or programs change and the courses you selected in your study plan may no longer be offered.

If you are experiencing problems as a result of not getting into the courses that you had organised in your study plan, you may find the following tips helpful.

  • If you cannot get in to a certain course, find out why.
  • If you cannot register for a course due to your academic background or the number of students already registered for the class, try to negotiate a way in by talking to the lecturer and explaining you have come a long way to take their course.
  • Provide a recent transcript to demonstrate that you have taken the equivalent pre-requisites to help sway your argument.
  • Keep hard copies of all correspondence with UQ regarding course approvals.
  • Keep a copy of your syllabi, assignments and exams to help with credit transfer.
  • If you cannot get into the courses that you had planned on taking while on exchange, you will need to find substitute courses and request approval from your faculty. To do this, please write an email to your faculty explaining your situation and outlining the new subjects with detailed course information you wish to be approved and cc:

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