UQ Program: Bachelor of Information Technology/Arts

I went to International Christian University in Tokyo. The campus is located in Mitaka, a nice suburb about 20 minutes train ride from Shinjuku, far enough away to not be so crazy and packed with people but close enough to be convenient. The campus is very spacious, especially for a Tokyo university. Dormitory life at Global House was loads of fun, and there was a good mix of Japanese and international students staying in the dorm.

Going on exchange to Japan really helped to improve my Japanese skills to the point where I can now confidently communicate in most situations. The Japanese program at ICU is excellent although I found the subjects taught in English were not so fantastic. At ICU I also participated in the Koto club and Wind Brass Ensemble. These were a great way to meet and interact with Japanese people and were a lot of fun.

Being in Japan for a year also allowed me to do a lot of travel, and I went to many places in Japan which I probably wouldn’t have been able to go to on a shorter trip. This allowed me to see various different aspects of Japan and broaden my knowledge of Japan.

International exchange is a great way to experience life in another country, broaden your horizons and make friends with people from all over the world. I thoroughly recommend it to anyone.

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