It’s almost impossible to sum up the experience of studying abroad, particularly in a place as dynamic and incredible as Mexico. I studied in Cuernavaca, a town about an hour south of Mexico City, at Tec de Monterrey. All of the Tec campuses are really modern and well resourced and I found that they had quite a large range of courses to choose from once I had arrived. However the uni itself was only a part of the amazing time I have had for the last 6 months. Living in Mexico is pretty different to anything I have ever experienced here in Australia and a word of warning to anyone planning to study there is to be flexible! Things rarely happen on-time or according to your plans. But this is one of the things that I loved most about Mexico, you never know what to expect.

I would thoroughly recommend Cuernavaca Campus as it was a great central point to travel from and also because it is a fairly small town it was great to have such a tight group of friends from the Tec as well as the rest of the town by the end of the 6 months. I also visited the Guadalajara, Queretaro and Mexico City Campuses which are also amazing places to live and study for 6 months.

I couldn’t speak more highly of my time in Mexico. I think it is enough to say that I did not want to come home! If you are hoping to improve your Spanish language skills, see some of the most amazing landscapes in the world or just to experience something completely different you should definitely go to Mexico!

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