Work your way through the online application carefully. You can save the form and come back to it later, but you may need to log back in if you leave it idle for too long. When you have finished each question, make sure to press ‘Update’ at the bottom of each page to save your progress.
The online application form includes the following items:
  • A section for you to list multiple preferences of host institution if your first preference is not possible for some reason
  • Questions about the languages you speak and how well
  • Questions about any disabilities or chronic illnesses you may have
  • A section for you to upload your study plan and course profiles
  • Questions about your passport details
  • Lastly a section in which you confirm that the information you have entered is true and correct.

Before proceeding with the application, take time to consider these points. Some will require more effort than others in preparing your responses. Below are further explanations for some of the more detailed items to help you understand what is required.  

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