Last semester I was in my third year of an Electrical Engineering Bachelor degree when I studied for six months at the Technical University of Delft in the Netherlands. Throughout my stay I visited thirteen countries and managed to learn a lot about European culture.
There were some significant differences between UQ and TUDelft that made academic life challenging. In my field of study, TUDelft only offers master level courses in English which are more advanced than the bachelor level courses at UQ. Also, TUDelft uses a two term semester, so there are two separate exam periods. However, the biggest difference would be the difficulty level of the course content. At TUDelft, it is almost expected that a course or two will be failed and will be retaken. There are resit exams for most courses, but if you are on exchange you may miss this opportunity and do not have the luxury of taking the course in the future. I would only recommend you go to this university if you are very confident in your academic ability, or if you are able to complete bachelor level courses.

The Netherlands is conveniently located in Europe, providing easy access to many foreign countries. While there, I managed to visit thirteen nations in all, including a week in China. If you want to do lots of travelling (and you should!) I recommend that you do it outside of your work semester to avoid being restricted by a large work load. Contrary to what you might think, last minute flights are very expensive and, in general, the earlier transport is booked the cheaper it will be. Use resources like to look up cheap European flights. Buses are a great way to travel as well. I took a series of buses through central Europe for a very affordable holiday.

Some general advice for your stay at Delft: Delft is a nice city, but there isn’t a whole lot to do there. You can travel to Amsterdam, but I recommend using your time (and money) to explore other European countries. I also strongly recommend that you do not organise student accommodation through DUWO. Instead, join a few relevant facebook groups and ask around for anyone with a room available.

During my exchange I travelled a lot, made some friends and, most importantly to me personally, learned a lot about how people live outside of Australia. Most people in Europe see our country and way of life as a paradise! Although there were times when it was difficult and stressful, overall my semester away was very worthwhile.

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