Program at UQ: Bachelor of Arts

While studying at University I always knew that I would study in Japan but settling on a place was somewhat of a challenge. After all it would be the place I would spend a year in a foreign country.

However after much deliberation I decided on Kobe, next door to bustling Osaka and the traditional centre of Kyoto. Kobe is in an ideal position nestled by the ocean and cradled by the mountains, with the central city simply laid out, Kobe is a great place to live.

Also studying at Kobe university was a pleasure and made easy by the helpful staff and teachers with great facilities at hand. The dormitories are set at a good distance and the placement of the University is not only convenient but also scenic as it is located at the foot of Mt.Rokko.

Not only the staff but atmosphere and students of Kobe University made for an easy time studying Japanese. While studying at Kobe University I was a member of the schools street dance team and performed in shows and made many great friends and because of them I now have many great memories.

To any considering studying in Japan I recommend taking a chance and coming to Japan. Each time brings new opportunities and chances and it's up to you to take them. I would recommend Kobe to anyone, so do it and come to Japan and be not only amazed at your improvement in Japanese but also your own growth.


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