UQ Program: Bachelors of Arts/Laws

If at first you miss those courses you had intended on studying, don’t despair; it was rewarding for me to take subjects that were unplanned, I learned I had broader interests. Remember it is not impossible to retrospectively obtain credit. 
Sciences Po is interesting - an American liberal arts college meets elite French political training ground. Your professors will deliver courses in their own style and often work professionally on the side. I will always remember one professor receiving a call in the middle of a student's oral presentation; it was UNESCO asking him to come immediately into work and he upped and left without further explanation. The workload is demanding but manageable.playing chess on a Paris rooftop

Paris will ruin your bank account unless you are a vegetarian with zero interest in clothes and shoes, in that case you would be better off in another city. Horsemeat, oysters and foie gras await you.  Never pay more than 2 Euros for a coffee and when in Paris take it noir, sans sucre. The bread in Paris is unsurpassed, try Eric Kayser, there’s one on Rue du Bac just near uni.  The French aren’t hostile if you show a little patience. Don’t expect to learn French in 6 months and remember if you plan on studying in English it will limit the time you can devote to the language.  Make friends with some French students and you will find your way around the nightlife.
Try and live with some native speakers, this is something I regret not doing. Paris lives up to its reputation as a moveable feast. Avoid living in the tourist areas - that means near anything famous, you'll pay more for everything. The 2nd, 9th, 11th and 18th arrondisements are central, trendy but less touristy.   One of the best things I did was buy a bike as Paris is flat and relatively safe for cyclists. Visit other parts of France on the weekends. Pack light and come with plenty of energy for a truly cosmopolitan city.


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