Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Science

Hong Kong has got to be one of the most exciting cities in the world. The blend of east and west, as well as the ease in which you can move between the lights and chaos of central to the natural beauty of Lamma Island means that you will never be bored. Not only is Hong Kong itself a smorgasbord of experiences, it gives you an amazing opportunity to explore surrounding Asian countries.

If you decide to go to Hong Kong, HKU is a great choice. Academically it is world renowned, and as the top university in Hong Kong it offers a wide selection of courses from many subject areas. Finding equivalent courses for business students will be the easiest as the bulk of exchange students going to HKU study business and it is one of the largest faculties. As a Bachelor of Science third year student (Genetics major) I had some issues with finding equivalent courses, however most of these issues were due to subjects only running in certain semesters. Therefore I would highly recommend double checking which semesters the subjects you are interested in run (keep in mind that HKU semesters are reversed from ours!).

UQ requires that you take 5 courses at HKU to earn the equivalent of 8 units at UQ. I recommend that you take the opportunity to study something completely different using your fifth subject as HKU has many interesting courses that require no background knowledge. Usually lecturers are pretty approachable or have a tutor you can go to if you need help. Try to pay attention as to when assessment is due as often the course syllabus can be inaccurate. Also keep in mind that unlike UQ, HKU does not have video recording of lectures. If you have any issues, your faculty will be very willing to help you out.

A good thing to consider is getting a Hong Kong bank account. I didn’t do this and as a result I could only get cash using ATM’s (which isn’t a problem considering the number od ATM’s around) and I had to pay my residential fees using cash. HKU doesn’t allow the use of foreign credit cards to pay for accommodation and only allows an Internet bank transfer if you have a Hong Kong account. As ATM’s (and personal accounts) have daily withdrawal limits, I had to take out the money for my accommodation over the course of several days in order to make my payment.

During my time on exchange I lived at Student Jockey Village 3, Chi Sun College (previously Residential Colleges, Block B) on Lung Wah Street. Even though this college is a 20 minute walk away from the university, there is a regular shuttle bus that can take you to and from the university at minimal cost ($2HKD or $0.3AUD per trip). This residence is situated in Kennedy Town, not in the busiest part of the city yet with many good restaurants including 3am dimsum (a must after a might in Lan Kwai Fong). I loved the atmosphere of my college. During my time I attended three high tables, I took a meditation course, volunteered painting roofs in under privileged areas and organized a stall representing Australia at the regular cultural fares that took place.

The best thing about going on exchange to HKU is that the university prides itself on being international. There are so many opportunities to meet locals, mainland students, as well as students from all over the world. I have never met more friendly, adventurous people in my life and have really enjoyed exploring Hong Kong, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and the Mainland with them. I have learnt a lot on exchange to HKU, both inside and outside of the classroom, and highly recommend anyone to go there. The most important thing is to take every opportunity to explore. Hong Kong will never stop surprising you.

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