My name is Nick Molloy and I recently completed an exchange to ESSEC Business School in France.
The reason I chose ESSEC was due to its fantastic reputation as a business school, and the great courses that the university offered. It also gave me the opportunity to improve my French language skills to a competent level where I feel comfortable conversing with native speakers.

The first thing that I did on arrival to the ESSEC campus was seek out the details around their university rugby team. I do not play at UQ, and would not consider myself an amazing addition to a team, but I knew that joining a sports team was the best way to make French friends. This decision and the ensuing activities was the greatest experience of my whole exchange. I was given the opportunity to travel around France playing in rugby competitions, meeting new people and it is true that nobody knows how to drink harder than a rugby team.
I found the university to have a good number of courses on offer to international students; however, I definitely found the course profiles to be somewhat misleading and as a result the content being offered was actually quite basic. I would strongly recommend a course I did called “Geopolitics,” it is to this date the best and most interesting course I have had the pleasure of attending.

In terms of expenditure, Paris is an expensive city to live in. I was fortunate enough to have supportive parents, and I had saved a large amount of money by holding a part-time job all through my 3 years at university. My advice is to think about whatever your budget is, and then add 50%. All in all I think that going on exchange is something that every student in Commerce/Economics should have to do. It broadens your mind and opens your eyes to the international opportunities that are available.

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