UQ Program: Bachelor of Environmental Management

My exchange experience at McGill was great and it is difficult to summarise in its entirety. The reason I chose McGill was because it has a well known Environmental school. I structured my study around the downtown as the Mac Donald campus has very few courses during the winter semester.  Joining and choosing subjects is not a very easy process. During my first week at McGill I dropped and changed ten subjects. Unlike UQ there is generally very little information online regarding the outline of a subject and how the semester is structured. That information is delivered in the first lecture of each subject. I found the study load to be significantly greater than UQ, this was partly due to the five courses that are taken instead of four.

Montreal is a great city, there was lots of things to do. I strongly recommend getting a place in the Plateau as in the winter it is preferable that you are near the metro. It is an important cultural experience to visit Dieu du Ciel, la Banquise, Cafe Olympico, Schwartz's and Sala Rossa (best cheap alternative music). To me these are the places that make Montreal so different from the rest of North America.

Living in Montreal also allows for a lot of travel in and around the Quebec region. New York, Boston and Quebec City are all within a few hours of Montreal. I highly recommend skiing/snowboarding as much as possible if you are there for the winter semester. Joining clubs such as McGill Outdoors Club and MISN is great for meeting people from around the world and going on trips around the region.

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