With the opportunity provided by UQ Abroad, I was able to spend 6 months in the Netherlands studying at Technical University of Delft. The study was difficult at times and living overseas can be quite stressful, but I will never forget my exchange period and it is something that I am grateful to have experienced.
As a third year electrical engineering student at UQ, I found the course content to be extremely challenging. While at TUDelft I completed master level courses, since these were the only ones taught in my discipline in English. Selection of courses was difficult and the workload varies considerably depending on which courses are selected. A couple of courses I undertook were not introductory courses and I lacked the appropriate background. I had to spend lots of additional time and effort catching up on the knowledge that I was expected to know. My advice is to ensure that you have the technical background for every course and if you are unsure to email the course coordinator at TUDelft.
TUDelft does offer some interesting electives that are definitely worthwhile, depending on your field of study. These can differ greatly from anything available at UQ and I recommend looking into courses from different faculties.
Living in a foreign country allowed me to be independent and I enjoyed the Dutch lifestyle – especially the freedom that comes with riding a bike around town. I did not expect myself to miss Australian weather so much, but the wind and cold really gets to you after a few months, so make sure you have a thick jumper, scarf, beanie and gloves, although it may be easier to pick these up during your travels.
Busy university life made it difficult to travel during the semester, but I still managed to visit twelve European countries during my stay. My favourite city was Vienna, which was beautiful when I visited in the winter time. Travelling on a budget can be hard, but clever use of buses and carpooling will save you lots of money. Use sites such as skyscanner.net, carpooling.co.uk and megabus.com to hunt down the best fares.
I value my experience very much and I highly recommend others to take this opportunity to visit a new and unfamiliar country and learn about the people, culture and history.

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