Bachelor of Laws
Bachelor of Laws

Paradise in Praha

A UQ Abroad exchange program is a necessity for all UQ students. It is an essential stimulus for one’s spiritual, educational and personal growth. For the best effects, Prague, Czech Republic is the place to go. One could not ask for a more dynamic, wonderful and enriching city. Waking to the view of St Vitus Cathedral and Prague Castle looming before the Charles Bridge and watching over the Old Town and Jewish Quarter, every cobbled street holds it’s own story. Doing the equivalent of 4 law electives, the 6 subject workload at Charles University was minimal. This allows for plenty of time to soak in the colourful buildings, communist remains and sample the variety of delicious cheap food around Prague. Prague is a living fairytale. The oldest gothic style Cathedral, St Vitus, looms out of the Prague castle walls on the hill above the historically renowned Charles Bridge. This is the iconic view you will pass everyday on your way to Charles University Law School.

I commenced my semester 1 exchange in February amongst snow cobbled streets to celebrating the end of semester in the sunny beer garden overlooking the university, the river and Prague city amongst lifelong friends. Initially, I lived in student accommodation however they tend to place the non-EU students quite far away and I didn’t want to waste my limited time in Prague commuting an hour to university everyday. I recommend experiencing the student dormitories (they are also very very affordable), make friends and rent an apartment in the Praha 2 which is affordable and in a great location. Prague is one of the most affordable cities in Europe. Public transport in Prague is one of the best in the world. For just $30, you can get a student 3 month pass which allows you to catch the metro, bus, train and even the funicular up Petrin Hill to the mini Eiffel Tower. Beer is literally cheaper than water and there is a large variety of good cheap food.

The exchange community in Prague is fantastic, with events being organized on a daily basis from great clubs/pubs/dinners to cultural events around the Czech Republic to hiking and kayaking adventures. Whilst, the culture of Australian students is to travel as much as possible around Europe during the exchange (and I completely understand, we are so far away!), I would strongly recommend just enjoy living in a different city. Immerse yourself in the community and being amongst peers from literally all over the world. I became part of a local hip-hop dance crew, volunteered in mental health awareness in Prague to cooking dinners with new friends. Save most of the travelling for post exams in May.

Exchange is something I have wanted to do since my first year at university and I am blessed in my final sixth year, I finally got round to commencing my exchange. It has helped me solidify who I am and what I want to pursue in my life.

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