UQ Program: Bachelor of Science

I exchanged to McGill University for semester 1 2011. I met some amazing people on exchange. I lived in the ‘student ghetto’ in a townhouse with 4 other girls. I really lucked out with my roommates and who were all Canadian. I also met a great group of exchange students from all over the world. I would definitely recommend going to the MISN (McGill International Student Network) events, as they were a great way to meet people. Montreal is a great city with so much happening every day. I would definitely recommend climbing up Mont Royal. The view of the city is incredible when you reach the top. Another must do is head to St Viature Bagel Shop for the tastiest breakfast ever.
Montreal is a real student city so I found it quite easy to survive on a budget. There are heaps of cheap eateries and supermarkets close by.
Academic life at McGill University was very similar to that of UQ. The classes and workload were very much like what I was used to. I ended up taking a Psychology of Language course that was very interesting as the content focused on bilingualism in Montreal.
Travelling to Montreal for exchange was a fantastic experience. If you are on the fence about going on exchange, DON’T BE! I got to meet an amazing group of friends and live in an awesome city!

5 Top Tips:
1.    If you go in Winter make sure you have proper shoes, jacket and beanie.
2.    Make sure you go up Mont Royal
3.    Travel to NYC (its only a 1 hour flight away)
4.    Compete in Carnival Week
5.    Go to Lola Rosa Café



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