Bachelor of Business Management
Bachelor of Business Management

My exchange in Mannheim was an absolute blast! I have been extremely lucky to meet some many amazing people who have become lifelong friends. Also centrally located, and with my course load, I found there were many opportunities to see Europe.

Michael Mannheim

Universität Mannheim is a reputable university. Unfortunately I found the course list (for exchange students) to be quite restricted. I had trouble finding courses that were accepted by the BEL faculty to substitute core courses. I would suggest planning ahead to have the option of taking electives. Academically, a big difference between Mannheim and other German institutions is that for many courses the final exam is the only assessment. This means 100% of your grade is determined by one exam.

I travelled parts of Europe before starting my semester at Mannheim – in retrospect I would have rather done the 4-week intensive German course and travelled later with friends during and after semester. You can easily get away with not speaking much German but I would suggest at least taking a German language course. Germany is much more enjoyable when you can understand and speak a little German.

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Mannheim is unique in the fact that you live in a city, as opposed to a dormitory on campus. Shopping and cooking yourself does add to the cultural experience.

I lived in the Hafenstrasse student accommodation. In my opinion this was optimal as it is a short bus ride from the university, much closer than Ulmenweg and there were so many exchange students living there unlike some accommodations closer in the city. In the student accommodation the basic rooms have a shared toilet, shower and kitchen.

Travelling with the Euro especially in big cities can be expensive. Rent at Hafenstrasse was roughly 300 euro a month. Mannheim living costs are similar to Australia’s.

- Apply for scholarships especially the Baden-Wüttemburg Stipendium
- Take advantage of the semester ticket (the public transport ticket, 140 euro). This ticket is valid for quite a large area
- Sign up for a buddy if possible. My buddy and I are great friends. They can help you with so many things.
- Shops close on Sundays and public holidays. So watch out if there’s a public holiday on a Monday.
- Be careful not to drink too much beer. The beer in Germany is delicious and cheap. I already miss it.

If you are considering applying for an exchange definitely go for it!

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