I began studying at Komazawa University from September of 2011 until August of 2012. My academic life at Komazawa University was one that I’ll remember for the rest of my life. Having engaged in various courses ranging from your standard Japanese language courses, to culturally enriching courses like Zazen (Seated Zen mediation), I believe my student life at Komazawa University was distinct and very influencing upon my Japanese language development.

Unlike other Universities in Japan, all classes I took at Komazawa University were only instructed in Japanese. I would approximate that more than half of my courses were also with regular students; this I believe is the key to improving your Japanese ability while studying in Japan. As hard as it is, not initially understanding or knowing what is going on in many of your classes, if you try to take in what is being said, you will rapidly improve your language ability.

I made a lot of great friends at Komazawa University. Some friends I made in Japan are ones that I will try to keep in contact with for the rest of my life. All 6 month to 1 year international students become free members of the ‘International Circle’. A circle is basically a group of people that interact and have social events daily/weekly/monthly. The members of the International Circle will go out of their way to try and give you many great experiences while you are in Japan, it is my advice to try and spend as much time interacting with them, and any other circles should you join, as much as you can. Circle and/or club activities are highly emphasized in Japanese University life.

The accommodation provided to you at Komazawa University is also great. Compared to what I had heard from other UQ exchange students throughout Japan, Komazawa University’s international student accommodation would be highly recommended. With that being said, depending upon your lifestyle choices, Japan can still be an expensive place to live.

My 4 top tips if you choose to study at Komazawa University:

  • Contact the students who are already at Komazawa University in the semester prior to your arrival. This is a good way to organize buying a used bicycle, kitchen goods, etc.
  • Grocery shop at 肉のハナマサ (Niku no Hanamasa) in 三軒茶屋 (Sangenjaya). This is a 2 story whole sale supermarket. You won’t find anywhere else to get meat/fruit/vegetables cheaper in your area than this. The 29th of each month is 肉の日 (Niku no Hi - Meat Day), on this day usually meat of some kind will be cheaper per 100/g than usual.
  • If you travel a long distance within the country, use either planes, or night buses. Shinkansen (Bullet train) is expensive.
  • Finally, my last piece of advice is get out of Tokyo as much as you can. Japan has so much more to offer than just the neon lights and fast paced lifestyle of Tokyo. Go places outside of your comfort zone. I have travelled a lot outside of Tokyo in this last year, and although you are coming to Komazawa University to study, travelling in itself becomes study.

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